Frequently Asked Questions

The minimum amount that can be purchased is 1 pallet of any product – feel free to pick up at our location during our hours of operation. We do stock inventory and our weekly inventory reports make it very easy to manage and order.

The minimum amount that can be delivered is 4 full pallets of any product, typical delivery turnaround on in-stock products is 2-3 business days. Rates vary based on zone and location, contact us for further details

This is quite simple, just reach out to us via email, mail or phone – we will set you up with a dealer application form. The process could take a couple of weeks but once approved you will be able to purchase as little as one pallet or full trailer loads of product. We will extensively walk you through all of our product line; offering marketing materials and sample boards as sales tools.
As an Outside Stone dealer, you will have the opportunity purchase custom sizes of Indiana Limestone. Depending on the specific product, minimum quantity for custom orders is 1 pallet.
Contrary to industry perception, Indiana Limestone does come in a variety of colours and textures. Colours include; standard buff, standard gray and full colour blend. Rustic buff and silver buff are also available but are considered special order colors.
Typically, it can take 7-10 days and maybe even sooner especially if it is a standard product. Our product comes directly from the USA. Most natural stone suppliers and distributors deal directly with China and/or India – all of which are brought into Canada on shipping containers via ocean. The timeline for special orders or stock replenishment is 45-90 days but could be longer depending on a number of factors.

It is not recommended to seal these products, if you are sealing please contact us and we can guide you with the proper technical information to guide you.

The best method to clean is with a pressure washer, with a maximum pressure of 1200 psi. Be sure to keep the nozzle at least 12” away from the stone and use fan tip that gives you a width of approximately 12”.

The compressive strength is 4000 psi minimum (ASTM C170).

Limestone is typically put into three levels of density. Indiana Limestone Company has a minimum 7 1/2% moisture absorption rate, which classifies it as a medium density stone. Currently, Indiana
Limestone products are running at around 4%, which means it has higher density.

Absolutely! In fact, Indiana Limestone has done extensive testing on this matter in different scenarios that factor in weather. Like other interlocking pavers, proper installation is key to the longevity and durability of the product. Proper base materials with the right thickness will ensure that Indiana Limestone pavers will continue to perform year after year with little to no maintenance required.